What if your virtual technology problems could be solved in minutes instead of hours...or days?

Are you spending too much time trying to resolve a pesky technology issue? Have you been falling down the Google and YouTube black hole, and still can't fix your issue?


Tanya Block Roussin, Virtual Tech Expert, Owner of Smart Virtual Solution

As much as technology has been created to help us, implementing it can be frustrating. Trying to get two or three tools to work together can be even more challenging.

So you are stuck trying to Google the answer, or watching dozens of YouTube videos trying to solve your problem. That's just wasting your very valuable time!

Instead of spending hours chasing your tail to find a solution to your problem, schedule a Power Hour with me! We will meet via Zoom so we can share screens and discuss any of the technology problems you are having. And let's be honest, there could be a long list of pesky problems to work through.

Ask me about any of your issues. If I don't currently know the answer, I can save you time by finding the answers instead of you spending hours slogging through YouTube tutorials.

Examples of problems solved

Technology Tool Optimization

A client was starting her new Coaching business. She had been a Virtual Assistant for a few years, so she knew the value of optimzing her new business from the beginning. We discussed her short and long-term goals, how she wanted to work with clients, and some functionality that she wanted to have set-up and streamlined. I set her up with the Smart Virtual Solution system, which created her website, landing pages, freebie sign-up funnel, meeting booking links, automated reminders, and more. She can grow into this system by offering group webinars, selling virtual courses, offering products, and more!

Rebranding Link Problems

A client had recently rebranded their business with a new name and new domain. Their current website would work for their new branding with a few tweaks to content. The client couldn't figure out how to add the new domain name to the current website. She spent hours searching for an answer with her domain provider, her website hosting platform and Google, with no resolution. During our call, I showed her how to redirect the new domain to the current website in less than 5 minutes. We then discussed how to set up an email address with her new domain name. Once those had been resolved, she remembered she had other questions, so we discussed social media schedulers and other potential tools to make her life a bit easier.

Scheduling Woes

A colleague had seen people using online schedulers, but had no idea where or how to set one up for herself. She'd heard of Calendly and Acuity, but had no idea which one to use for her needs. During our call, we discussed the differences between the tools, and which one I thought would be easier to set up. I then shared my screen and showed her the steps to set up her scheduler with a free tool.

Google Admin Console & Instagram Training

A business coach had set up her domain with Google Admin console, but somehow it wasn't showing the correct name in her emails. We got into the backend of Google and fixed that for her. While in Google, we combined her Business Profiles so she would be found more easily, and so others could leave reviews for her service. Finally, she asked me about how to properly use Instagram. She had been posting information about the podcasts she had been doing, but they kept disappearing. Once she realized that Stories were only visible for 24 hours, she better understood how to create Posts on her timeline.

Wordpress vs. Wix

A Virtual Assistant had been asked by her new client to create a website for him with WordPress. But she had only used Wix and was unsure of how to even start with WordPress. I offered to show her around. I shared my screen and showed her the backend of WordPress, how to add Pages and Posts, and how to drag and drop elements to create the pages, similar to what she was used to with Wix. We discussed some of the steps she would need to start the process, like determining the domain name and hosting provider. We finished the call with my recommending some low cost trainings she could use to learn WordPress quickly.

Let me save you time by solving your tech issues

Smart Virtual Solution partners with service businesses to fuse together their operations by implementing, simplifying and managing the virtual technologies they need to thrive.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Websites, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels
  • Google Business Services
  • Business Operations
  • Automations
  • Relationship Management

Not sure if a Power Hour is right for you?

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